Garage Door Repair – Rockville MD


Type of Garage Door Service Provided: Garage Door Installation

Customer Comments

The team at 495 garage door is an example of excellent customer service. The person who scheduled the service, along with the follow through and the team that showed up to repair was all really great. I will definitely recommend this team for future services.

Sindhu R., Rockville, MD

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Why you should consider replacing your garage door spring

garage door spring replacement Washington DC

Why garage door springs are so important

The garage door spring is a very important part of your garage door. Without the spring your garage door may not open at all. Every time you open your garage door the garage door spring helps the garage door opener to lift the door from a dead stop along the garage door tracks. Bear in mind, the garage door is easily the heaviest door in your house.


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Shouldn’t you expect professional service from your garage door company?

Should professional service be a novelty experience customers have when they interact with garage door technicians? At 495 Garage Door we don’t think professional service should be a novelty experience. We think professional service should be the norm experienced by all customers. Let’s hear from two customers in Herndon, Virginia. These are reviews two customers shared about their experience with 495 Garage Door.


“Eli and Avi were amazing! What impresses me the most about

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Excellent Garage Door Service is Our Mission


Our wonderful customers are our focus

At beginning of the story of 495 Garage Door, we only had the two main characters – Eli and Sarah. They are still at the helm of the company but the focus of 495 Garage door company is our wonderful customers. From its inception in 2012 495 Garage Door has focused on improving the service experience of customers seeking garage door services or overhead garage door services – as … Read More

What To Do Before Your Emergency Technician Arrives

Has your garage door stopped opening? Or, perhaps, when you were leaving for work in the morning, the door halted halfway. If so, what should you do? Attempting to repair the door yourself could potentially lead to injury, especially if you are not familiar with garage door repair. One wrong move and the heaviness of the door can careen down on you, or someone else, and potentially cause more damage to the rest of the … Read More

New Year’s Resolution: Fix Your Garage Door Before it’s Too Late

As the old saying goes, “a stitch in time saves nine.” Just as repairing a small tear in a garment will prevent it from tearing further, regular maintenance will prevent more expensive problems from developing. The garage door is the largest and heaviest moving part of your house, and a critical failure can damage not only the door, but also the contents of your garage, your car or even a person.

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What Kind of a Garage Door Works for You

Did you know many reports suggest that a garage door replacement project returns more than 80% of your investment if you sell your house? That’s because, in many houses, the garage door is one of its most visible aspects, in addition to being a very important practicality. Coincidentally, we here at 495 Garage Door know quite a bit about garage doors, so we wanted to give you a little introduction to what kinds of doors … Read More

overhead door installation and repair dc

495 Garage Door launches its new website

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website! Here you will find general information about our services and pricing; and you may contact us directly with questions or concerns. Your continued patronage and referrals have made us a trusted name in garage installation and repair business in the Washington Metropolitan region.  Our commitment to efficient and reliable service remains the same.

Thank you!

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Garage Door Safety

By Mike McClintock
Special to The Washington Post Page H02

Older homes may have charm that’s difficult to find in a new house today, but often they do not compare well when it comes to meeting current safety standards. In fact, even houses built only 15 years ago may have major components that don’t measure up. Case in point: automatic garage doors

Although these sometimes massive doors are spring-loaded and move at the touch of … Read More