How a homeowner in Ashburn VA got it right with a new garage door installation

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November 12, 2016
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How a homeowner in Ashburn VA got it right with a new garage door installation

A new garage door perfectly complements a newly remodeled home. A remodeling project to improve the curb appeal and beauty of a home is just not complete without a newly installed garage door. With so many garage door designs and options available, homeowners can choose from various material finishes and colors. For example, they can choose a design with large carriage handles and hinges for a retro look. Want a color to match the siding color or brick finish of your home? Homeowners can choose from a wide mix of garage door colors.

A great addition to a beautiful house

A customer in Ashburn, VA did just that – the customer chose a garage door color to match the brick facing of their home. The home sits on a property with plenty of lawn space facing the curb of the property. The lawn is immaculately kept. The driveway from the street to the garage doors is four car lengths. The home is a colonial style design with a chimney on the opposite side of the house from its two car garage. The new garage doors are a perfect addition to an already beautiful house.


You can’t miss it – a garage is one of the first things people see on a house

It makes perfect sense that a garage door upgrade improves the beauty of a home. It’s one the first things people see on a house. In must single detached homes the garage faces the street of the house. You can’t miss it – the garage doors on a house are bigger than the windows and front entry door of a house.  It’s a sure bet to improve the curb appeal of a home. Can a new garage door installation also improve the value of a home?  If we accept the position that curb appeal positively affects the value of a home then the answer is yes – an upgraded or a newly installed a garage door improves the value of a home.


The new garage doors were a perfect match

On this project the homeowner had a pair of aged wooden panel garage doors on the garage. These garage doors were probably the original garage doors on the house. Over the years they were well kept and perhaps repainted several times. The garage itself was in a word – beautiful. The walls were finished with a fresh looking coat of paint. The concrete floor of the garage also had a fresh coat of floor paint. The garage was so well kept the owner used part of it as an exercise room. The newly installed garage door was a perfect match for the garage.


Space under the garage doors – caused by warping

Even if a homeowner keeps their old wooden garage door in good condition it tends to warp over time. That was the case for this homeowner and their garage door. It was kept in relatively good condition; however, visible gaps had appeared under the both garage doors when they were closed all the down. Any spacing under the garage door will cause colder air to enter the garage during winter. Invariably, this causes the home to lose energy. Adjourning rooms to the garage will also tend to feel colder during winter months. The newly installed garage doors eliminate that issue. These all metal insulated garage doors will not warp as it ages.

Insulated garage doors improve energy use of the home

These newly installed garage doors are weatherized with weather seals at the sides and bottom of the garage doors. They will greatly improve the comfort level of the garage itself and the energy use of the home during winter and summer. In the winter cold air will be kept out of the garage. In the summer months, cool air will also be kept in the garage. This homeowner has made a wise choice to install their new garage doors. Not only will it improve the curb appeal of their home, it also saves on energy use in the home, and improves the value of the home.