How to avoid the dangers of a fallen garage door – Columbia MD

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November 20, 2016
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How to avoid the dangers of a fallen garage door – Columbia MD

If you haven’t had the experience of having your garage door fall from its tracks then that’s a good thing, but it’s not hard to imagine what your thoughts would be if that were to happen to you. This is definitely one of those things that can wreck your entire day. There’s no good time for your garage door to slip off its tracks but if it happened in the morning hours of the day you would at least have more time to have a garage door company come out to fix it. It’s painful to think about it happening later in the evening or at night. Just terrible.

It’s a real danger – get a professional garage door company to fix it

Your garage door can cause real harm or injury. It’s a real danger – the garage door is easily the heaviest door in your entire home. A garage door measuring sixteen by seven feet can weigh 216 pounds (216 lb). When a garage door of this weigh falls from its tracks you definitely don’t want a family member, pet, or yourself below it. For this reason if you ever have the experience of your garage door falling from its track, the only recommended thing to do is get a professional garage door company to assess and repair your garage door.


A homeowner in Columbia MD had their garage door fall from its tracks

A homeowner in Columbia MD didn’t have the luxury of just trying to imagine what would happen if their garage door fell from its tracks. It did just that – fall from its track. Thankfully no one was injured but this definitely ruined their day. They had a sixteen by seven feet double garage door for their two car garage. The garage door panels fell from one side of the garage door tracks. There are several possible things that can cause a garage door to fall from its tracks. However, the most likely reason for having a garage door fall from its tracks is a damaged or loose garage door roller. The garage door rollers keep the garage door on the tracks and allows it to move safely up and down the tracks.

The homeowner contacted their local garage door repair company

Fortunately, for this homeowner in Columbia they were able to have their garage door repaired the same day. The damaged garage door was replaced with a new garage door. Unfortunately, the panels of the old garage door were twisted and bent when they fell from the garage door track. They could not be reused. In the end though, this beautiful home and garage was restored with a new and secure garage door – much to the relief of the homeowner.





How to prevent your garage door from falling from its tracks

The best advice to prevent your garage door from falling from its tracks is to have a licensed and professional garage door company install and maintain your garage door. There are many DIY projects a homeowner can undertake in and around their home. The garage door is not one of them. It’s also a good idea to use quality garage door parts and products. Homeowners should always ensure that their garage door company uses genuine and quality garage door parts to repair or upgrade their garage doors. After all, garage door safety is very important and higher quality products are generally safer. Another recommendation, keep the contact of your preferred garage door company on hand. Garage door emergencies do occur – hopefully, they don’t happen often in your home.