Shouldn’t you expect professional service from your garage door company?

Excellent Garage Door Service is Our Mission
September 9, 2016
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September 23, 2016
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Shouldn’t you expect professional service from your garage door company?

Read what customers say about us

Should professional service be a novelty experience customers have when they interact with garage door technicians? At 495 Garage Door we don’t think professional service should be a novelty experience. We think professional service should be the norm experienced by all customers. Let’s hear from two customers in Herndon, Virginia. These are reviews two customers shared about their experience with 495 Garage Door.


“Eli and Avi were amazing! What impresses me the most about 495 Garage Door is their knowledge and their professional mannerism. They respond to issues with logic and in a manner that puts a concerned homeowner at ease. Being able to trust a team working in your home, and one that does a quality job, is an amazing find. I have, and will still refer the 495 team!”

Melissa J., Herndon, VA

“Small things mean a lot to me, and a lot of small things done right deserves a lot of credit. Eli was very professional in all these small ways: called to tell me he was 15-20 mins out, and then called me again when he pulled up to my house (well within the window of time I was given); he handed me a business card as he introduced himself; his appearance was neat and professional in his “495 Garage Door” jacket; he listened carefully to the problems I described; he accurately diagnosed my problems, and then he explained & showed me what he was doing; the whole time he was in my garage, he was very friendly and respectful of my property; he asked at least a couple of times if there was anything else he could do or if I had any other questions for him; he sent me an electronic receipt from his hand-held device, then asked me if I wanted to check my e-mail to make sure I got it. If I owned a company, Eli was the type of employee I would want interacting with customers and representing my business. I put “495 Garage Door” in my phone, and will definitely recommend them to anyone wanting professional garage door repairs.”

Gary L., Herndon, VA

495 Garage Door is happy to be providing professional garage door services to customers

Sarah, who is Eli’s right-hand person and most of all, his lovely wife, manages all customer reviews. She says these reviews are just “capitol.” The testimonials of customers from Herndon are a small sample of the many customers 495 Garage Door service in Herndon. Statistically, there are many customers who do not provide reviews for the services they receive from companies. Nonetheless, 495 Garage Door is happy to be providing professional garage door services to customers – read “Excellent Garage Door Service is Our Mission.”


495 Garage Door is not the typical service company

Compare Gary’s and Melissa’s experience with some of the typical experiences customers have when they interact with service technicians. Most customers can relate to stories about poor service received from service companies and other garage door companies. Take this situational story about a customer who was promised by an air condition company that a service technician would get to their home within a certain window of time. You can substitute the type of service company in this story.

At 495 Garage Door our technicians arrive within the window of time promised to customers

So here’s the story. Company A is called to provide repair service for a broken air condition unit. The customer is given a window of time for a technician to get the customer’s home to repair the air condition unit. The customer impresses on the office representative they called that it’s 98 degrees outside and that it is critical that the technician arrives within the promised window of time because the customer cannot take additional time off from work to have work done.

Shocking but true

Unfortunately, for the customer, the technician doesn’t arrive within the window of time promised by the company and no one called the customer to alert them of any change in the appointment. The customer is frustrated and calls the office of the air condition office and asks to speak with a supervisor. The bombshell is the technicians are over booked so the customer will not get service until the next day. To make matters worse the supervisor shared that the customer didn’t receive a courtesy call because the customer’s phone number was taken do incorrectly by the office representative. Shocking.

The complete customer experience

In contrast here’s what Sindhu from Rockville, MD says about the complete service experience at 495 Garage Door. “The team at 495 garage door is an example of excellent customer service. The person who scheduled the service, along with the follow through and the team that showed up to repair was all really great. I will definitely recommend this team for future services.” Thank you Sindhu.