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November 6, 2016
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November 20, 2016
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Here’s how a customer in Maryland improved the curb appeal of their home and subsequently increase the value of their home. A garage door upgrade is definitely something to consider when thinking about improving the curb appeal and value of your home – so say writers at This customer lives in Germantown, MD. A brand new insulated garage door was installed to replace their older wooden garage door. The garage has a double garage door and space for two cars. The home is a beautiful two level colonial style home with a spacious lawn and recently paved driveway.

This is the Older Wooden Garage Door


Homeowners have many more garage door designs to choose from

Over time older wooden garage doors decay and warp. Garage doors today are more often made from materials that are much more durable than older wooden garage doors. Homeowners have many more garage door designs to choose from today. They can contact a local garage door dealer to learn about their options before they decide to invest in upgrading their garage doors. On this project the older wooden garage door had a torsion garage door spring that sat over the garage door.

Upgrading to an Insulated Garage Door Saves on Energy Use

This customer in Germantown, MD upgraded to an insulated garage door. Installation an insulated garage door will save the energy use in their home. The garage door was weatherized to reduce heat loss during winter and keep out heat the heat during the warmer months of the year. Weather seals were installed at the bottom and sides of the garage door.

Upgrading your Garage Door Improves Home Security

A new garage door does more than just improve the curb appeal of your home. It also improves the security of your home. Newer garage doors are structurally stronger that an aged wooden garage door. The panels on the older wooden garage door on this home are made of light weight compact wood. Water from rain can enter the joints of the panel cause the panels to rot and come loose. When loose the wooden panels from the garage door fall out with very little pressure.

Metal Garage Doors are more Durable

The older wooden garage door on the garage of the house is not as durable as the newly installed metal garage door. This new garage door will not be affected by rain. The individual panels can be replaced if they are damaged. Cleaning of the metal garage door is easier than the older wooden garage door. An added benefit of upgrading the garage door is the new garage door places less strain on the garage door opener and torsion spring. These parts will also last longer because metal garage doors do not get heavier when it rains – they do not absorb water.