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December 9, 2014
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What Kind of a Garage Door Works for You

Did you know many reports suggest that a garage door replacement project returns more than 80% of your investment if you sell your house? That’s because, in many houses, the garage door is one of its most visible aspects, in addition to being a very important practicality. Coincidentally, we here at 495 Garage Door know quite a bit about garage doors, so we wanted to give you a little introduction to what kinds of doors there are and what you should take into account when choosing one for your house.


Most Common Types of Doors


Swing-Out Door

Swing-out doors, as well as sliding barn doors, are great if you want to keep the ceiling clear for something or if you just prefer the distinct look they have. Outside they, of course, require room to open so you need to park and keep your driveway clean accordingly.


Roll-Up Door

A sectional roll-up is easily the most popular kind of garage door in the US, and as long as you have about 14 inches of headroom available in your garage, a roll-up door is a great way to save space.


Swing-Up Door

If you either don’t have a lot of headroom in your garage, prefer the swing-up opening mechanism or the overall look of a swing-up door, it’s a good alternative to a roll-up door, as far as saving floor space goes.


Sliding Door

A traditional door style in use for centuries, a sliding garage door can be a good option if you have the wall space for it, and like the Old World aesthetic it can bring to your house.


Most Common Door Materials



Garage doors made out of steel are great if you’re looking for a durable door that only needs to be occasionally cleaned and touched up. It doesn’t necessarily offer a soft aesthetic, but since it’s one of the most popular garage door materials, there are incredibly many style options to choose from.



If you’re looking for a durable and low-maintenance garage door but don’t find one you like in the selection of steel doors, vinyl is a great option. In fact, it’s often even more durable and very resistant to difficult weather conditions and dents, and it’s also rust-free.



For many people, you just can’t beat the beautiful craftsmanship look that a wooden garage door can add to a house. These doors do require painting and other maintenance every few years, so be prepared for that if you choose to go with a beautiful wooden door.



For those who want the look of a wooden door but not the maintenance, there are some fiberglass options that offer the same aesthetic without requiring as much care.



For a more modern and sleek look, many customers go for aluminum garage doors. They’re easy maintenance and come in a wide range of styles that are often on the more sophisticated side. Homeowners living in areas with harsher weather conditions should remember that aluminum doors do not offer as much insulation as other garage doors though.