Garage door maintenance – replacing panel sections

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September 29, 2016
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October 16, 2016
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Garage door maintenance – replacing panel sections

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So you noticed a dent on one section of your garage door. You think how in the world did this happen? Did someone park too close to the door or was it your son who rode his skate board into the garage door? The damage is to one of the garage door panels – the individual sections of the garage door that moves together in sections along the garage door track. What do you do and will you have to replace the entire garage door to fix the dent?

Here are the things to contemplate when thinking about what to do about a damaged garage door panel. Let’s work with the assumption that the damage is confined to one section only on the garage door. Here’s what we recommend. First, call a full service garage door company like to access the damage. We will provide a fair quote to replace the garage panel. We will only recommend replacing the entire garage door if it is absolutely the right thing to do.

495Garage Door is a Clopay Garage Door Distributor in MD, VA, and DC

When replacing the garage door panel contact a local garage door dealer like us. So what information is needed to order a replacement for your garage door panel? Find out here courtesy of

“To order a replacement section, the dealer will need to know the door model, the size of the section to be replaced, the color, and which section is needed: top, bottom or middle. The serial number is the easiest way to determine the door model you have.

If your garage door was manufactured in the last ten years, the 15- to 16-digit serial number is located on the interior bottom section of the door.[…]”

Some customers will find that it’s necessary have the entire garage door replaced versus replacing a single panel. In such cases the garage door repair specialist will consider a range of factors, such as the age of the garage door and the extent of the damage to the garage door panel or panels. Hear from one such customer who had to replace their entire garage door. Haida is that customer – she lives in Great Falls, VA. She shared this story in review about –

“I recommend this business–and Eli, who replaced our doors today. They scheduled initial repair appointment quickly. When it was clear that it would be more feasible to get new garage doors, rather than repair 40-year-old wooden ones. They got the doors within a few days, and today I have 2 beautiful new doors. Eli explained all the details, and worked quickly and cleanly.”

What about emergency situations involving garage panels that have fallen from the garage door tracks? We recommend that customers call an expert to assess what to do about the garage door if it falls from the garage door tracks. Customers shouldn’t attempt to move the damaged garage panels. Doing so can cause serious personal injury. The entire garage door can fall from the garage door tracks damaging or injuring whomever or whatever is under it. That’s not a desirable situation. Ann from Bowie, MD had her garage doors fall from their tracks. These are her own words.

“Our door was totally jacked up! Spring broke, roller popped out of track, welds snapped, hanging crooked. I couldn’t even close it! I called 495 and spoke to a very nice lady who set me up with an appointment. the next morning. The tech called first, arrived on time, answered all my questions, fixed everything in record time, and now the door works better than it ever did before. I will call 495 again and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. Great service from start to finish!”

Finally, we recommend that customers should save the contact information of a reputable garage door company like us on their phones in their contacts list. You never know when little Zachary will decide to ride his skate board into your garage door. You also never know when an emergency will occur involving your garage door. We have seen all sorts of garage door mishaps and we happy to help customers fix any problem they have with their garage doors.