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January 18, 2016
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What To Do Before Your Emergency Technician Arrives

Emergency Garage Door Repairs

Has your garage door stopped opening? Or, perhaps, when you were leaving for work in the morning, the door halted halfway. If so, what should you do? Attempting to repair the door yourself could potentially lead to injury, especially if you are not familiar with garage door repair. One wrong move and the heaviness of the door can careen down on you, or someone else, and potentially cause more damage to the rest of the garage. It is best to call an emergency repair technician to save yourself the possibility of worsening the damage or putting yourself in harm’s way.

If you’re in need of garage door maintenance in the MD area, while you await the emergency technician, there are a number of preparations to ensure your safety. A malfunctioning garage door spawns various issues. Here is a list of tips for your benefit:

Stay Away from The Area

If your door will not open or if it was accidentally damaged when leaving your home, it would be wise to stay clear. Safety is top priority when waiting for your emergency technician; you never know when a spring could come loose. Especially now, as the winter settles in, the cold presents a new set of problems you would not otherwise experience in warm weather. Before, or immediately after, you call the emergency technician, remove all individuals from the area and do not allow access to the garage.

Ensure Garage Remote is Out of Reach

It is imperative to place your garage remote somewhere safe and out of easy reach. There are a number of things that can go wrong with a faulty garage door, the last thing you want to worry about is someone playing with the garage remote. Using the garage remote will cause the springs to wear as they are continuously exposed to the force of the door. The cold weather makes this issue even worse, as the metal brackets contract in extreme winter temperatures. Moving your garage remote to a safe location will prevent further damage to the door.

Do Not Try To Fix

Although it has already been said, it bears repeating – do not try to fix the door yourself. While you may be savvy with tools, a broken garage door can be unpredictable. Wait for a technician to arrive so they can make a proper evaluation. Again, safety is the number one priority. If you are not confident in repairing the issue, leave it be. Why be a hero when friendly, reliable professionals are ready to rush to the rescue and only a phone call away?  When the situation in your garage looks sinister, 495 Garage Door is here to save the day!

If you are in need of garage door installation in Maryland, 495 Garage Door is your best friend. Whether you’re thinking of replacing that beaten-up old door, couldn’t get out of your garage for work this morning, or just want to get that tune-up before problems occur, we’re looking forward to hearing from you.  Our friendly technicians are only a phone call away.