Why you should consider replacing your garage door spring

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September 16, 2016
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September 29, 2016
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Why you should consider replacing your garage door spring

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Why garage door springs are so important

The garage door spring is a very important part of your garage door. Without the spring your garage door may not open at all. Every time you open your garage door the garage door spring helps the garage door opener to lift the door from a dead stop along the garage door tracks. Bear in mind, the garage door is easily the heaviest door in your house.

Garage Doors are heavier than they look – ask customer in Laurel, MD

A customer in Laurel, MD had a broken garage door spring. His car was trapped in his garage because his garage door opener could no longer lift the garage door. The customer is a pretty burly young man. He was running late for work so he attempted to lift the door. Incidentally, we recommend that customers not attempt to open a stuck garage door. Our customer in Laurel was surprised by the weight of his garage door. He did the wise thing. He called us to repair his broken garage door spring.

Customers should not attempt to open a stuck garage door

An insulated garage door is significantly heavier than non-insulated garage doors. The heavier the garage door the greater the danger of it falling and hurting someone. At no time should customers attempt to open a stuck garage door with a broken spring. Our recommendation is even more important for customers with insulated or older and heavier garage doors. Attempting to open a stuck garage door with a broken spring can cause damage to property, major injury, or even loss of life.

Have you noticed a stretched garage door spring?

Homeowners can do routine visual inspections of their garage door springs. By visual inspection, we mean simply looking to see if your garage door spring is stretched or distorted. If a homeowner notices a stretched or distorted spring they should call a professional garage door company to assess the condition of their garage door spring. Customers should not attempt to replace the garage door spring on their own. We do not recommend garage repairs as a DIY project.

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Why garage door springs go bad

Consider how often the average garage door is opened in the home a four-person household. If the garage is opened and closed eight times a day, the springs are being engaged 16 times or 16 cycles. That’s a minimum of 5,840 cycles per year. Some low-quality garage door springs have a lifespan cycle of 7,500 cycles. In fact, the heavier the garage door the more strain it places on the garage door springs. So garage door springs go bad because they all have a specific lifespan cycle and heavier garage door place more strain on garage door springs.


495Garage Door replaced older heavy garage door for customer in Washington, DC

“[…]Called 495 Garage Door as they had previously worked on and replaced the springs a couple of years ago. The problem this time was a broken spring again, which is a consequence of my heavy and decaying wooden garage door which caused the motor and springs to be stressed too much and break. After discussing the option to either replace the springs or the garage door, I decided to spring for a garage door replacement. Ordered the door on Friday (through Sarah and Avi), and installed the next Monday. It was an aluminum, insulated garage door with windows.[…]”

So what kind of garage door spring do I have?

The typical garage door will have a torsion or extension springs. In a garage with a torsion spring, the torsion spring sits atop the garage door opening above the garage door. As opposed to the torsion spring, the extension spring is attached to both sides of the garage door along the garage door tracks. If you have a two car garage with two doors you will have four extension springs. On the other hand, if your garage uses a torsion spring system, you typically have one torsion spring attached above each garage door. Both the torsion and extension springs have a specific lifespan. As reminder, if you discover an issue with your garage door spring, or you have a broken garage door spring it’s important to contact a professional garage door technician or repair company to assess and if necessary replace the damaged garage door spring.